"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe." _ JOHN MUIR



Elizabeth, or "Betsy" Robson is a Connecticut based photographer, social advocate, farmer, and community organizer. She has been a photographer and image editor for over 11 years, originally focusing on live performance shoots for local musicians. 

Betsy lived for a number of years in Boston, where she studied performance art and installation, paired with a focus on anthropology and gender studies at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University. Her love for the arts became rooted in the human condition through her studies, and after being a student she turned to work directly with the community, as an advocate and counselor for trauma survivors with the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. 

As this scale of work evolved, Betsy began to blend her experiences in trauma, healing, and creativity with an entirely different universe: farming and food production relations. While seemingly unassociated, Betsy has become a chief organizer in her community as she has merged the many disciplines. She now works as farm manager for a small scale, biodiverse farm in Roxbury, Connecticut, as the head coordinator of a grass-roots organization called the New Connecticut Farmer Alliance, as a photographer for local food communities of Connecticut, and as one of the lead organizers of a retreat center, known as "Tamarack Farm Retreats", which was designed specifically for breast cancer survivors. Her photography and overall goal for connectedness in any community she arrives in has been the ongoing, never ending theme to her life. 

Please feel welcomed to approach Betsy for anything: Inquiries for a shoot, ideas for a new collaborative project, request for more information about Tamarack Farm Retreats, a shoulder to cry on, quirky life advice, a (truly) bad joke, etc. 

She loves emails and responds quickly to phone calls and texts.